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 +===== Historical bugs =====
 +^Bug #​^Reported^Status^Issue^Proposed solution^Fix Version^
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​B1|2018-03|Solved|When the scanner is used the keyboard sometimes is not hidden and covers the screen|Make sure the keyboard is hidden after every scan|Scanner 1.1.6|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​B2|2018-04-12|Solved|When store move is used and online sync is activated the move will always be FROM the store since it always finds the item in the current store|Make sure in the app that the item is in the correct store when moving to and from stores|Scanner 1.1.6|
 +===== Accepted improvement propositions =====
 +^I #​^Reported^Status^Improvement^Comment^Fix version^
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I5|2018-03|Finished|Implement english as language and possibility to switch languages|Must be done before Tara visit|App v1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I6|2018-03|Finished|Show the total number of scanned serials as a big number in the inventory overview| |App v1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I13|2018-03|Finished|Make sure the login boxes aren't covered by the keyboard in the app| |App v1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I14|2018-03|Finished|Show app version in app|In the menu, show app version|App v1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I17|2018-03|Finished|Add packtype to app so that it can show the type, bag, box, pallet etc| |App v1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I18|2018-03|Finished|When scanning add new items to the top of the list instead of at the bottom| |Appv 1.2.0|
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