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 +===== Known bugs =====
 +^Bug #​^Site^Reported^Status^Issue^Proposed solution^Fix Version^
 +|No bugs reported at the moment|
 +===== Accepted improvement propositions =====
 +^I #​^Reported^Status^Improvement^Comment^Fix version^
 +|I1|2018-03|Planned|Handling of none explosives in the scanner|Function to let users scan non explosive items from the stores in the same way as explosives|
 +|I2|2018-03|Planned|After inventory a report is to be sent to the user|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I3|2018-03|Planned|Implement batchjob to run every night and remove empty containers from the storerooms||1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I7|2018-03|Planned|Report per store on the current inventory stock status||1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I8|2018-03|Planned|Possibility to count the number of boxes visible in the store||1.2.0|
 +|I9|2018-03|Planned|Add function to complement inventory|Adds counted to inventory without setting missing|
 +|I10|2018-03|Proposed|Send mail to maximo responsible after inventory is complete|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I11|2018-03|Implemented|Show maximos article number for summary in store overview||1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I12|2018-03|Implemented|Make the tabs in the store overview clickable showing only one a time||1.1.5|
 +|I15|2018-03|Planned|Function in client to complement inventory with unscannable serials|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I19|20180522|Requested|Change "Store move" to "Store transfer"​||1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I20|20180522|Requested|Inventory type says "​Explosive"​ where it should say "​Article"​||1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I21|20180522|Requested|Make a report showing how long items are in a warehouse|To check for example that nothing is in a store for more than 72hrs|1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I22|20180522|Implemented|Possibility to create an XML manifest from a pack|To be able to return to sender|1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I23|20180522|Implemented|Change "​type"​ to "​Itemnum"​ for item/pack in client||1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I24|20180522|Implemented|Changing store and language in the scanner is to be a configurable permission|Configure in the tntconfig.js file|1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I25|20180522|Implemented|Add a scanner ID for every scanner|This ID is to be prefixed on the packages created|1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I26|20180522|Implemented|Hide ISSUE for Tara||1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I27|20180522|Requested|Add description for ITEMNUM in the transaction log||1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I28|20180522|Requested|Stock check function|[[tnt2:​improvements:​stockCheck|Description]]|1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I29|20180522|Requested|GL Account per issue|[[tnt2:​improvements:​glaccount|Description]]|1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I30|20180522|Requested|Add a description to the store names in the store overview||1.1.5|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I31|20180531|Implemented|Report for manifest summary|To be able to verify the shipment documents|1.2.0|
 +|@#​AAFFAA:​I33|20180901|Implemented|Possibility to export items to another site||1.1.5|
 +[[tnt2:​historicalimprovements|Historical bugs and improvements]]
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