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 +==== Changelogs version 1.1 ====
 +== 1.1.1072 ==
 +Release date: 2012-03-08\\
 +Reduced dependancy of Smarty. Working with newer Smarty versions.
 +Started migration from Smarty.
 +== 1.1.1060 ==
 +Release date: 2012-01-11\\
 +== 1.1.1058 ==
 +Release date: 2012-01-10\\
 +Added warnings when records does not match set rules
 +== 1.1.1049 ==
 +Release date: 2011-12-01\\
 +Minor bugfixes
 +== 1.1.1048 ==
 +Release date: 2011-11-16\\
 +Totally reworked the permissions handling\\
 +Added permissions fields in _table and _field which takes a SearchString to match wether the user/group has the given permission to this object
 +== 1.1.1039 ==
 +Release date: 2011-11-02\\
 +Added function for selecting rows as described in the Wiki.\\
 +Altered API for easier sorting using Filter and FilterData.\\
 +REST service natively supported.\\
 +Script_general class implementation for scripts for all tables.\\
 +Methods_general class implementation for methods for all tables.
 +== 1.1.1034 ==
 +Release date: 2011-09-28\\
 +Bugfix: When a filter is active and an or search is put in the searchstring the whole filter is still applied\\
 +Bugfix: When a filter is active on a Table and the quick-search is used to connect a relation the applied filter is ignored in the target table\\
 +Added {self} to search variables, see documentation for more information.
 +== 1.1.1031 ==
 +Release date: 2011-09-28\\
 +Bugfix: Number of rows shown and total are updated correctly\\
 +Bugfix: Sums are updated correctly
 +== 1.1.1029 ==
 +Release date: 2011-08-29\\
 +Bugfix regarding x-x relations looping back to the same table\\
 +Remake of import function to support activating imports from script
 +== 1.1.1024 ==
 +Release date: 2011-08-24\\
 +Minor bugfixes in AD authentication
 +== 1.1.1023 ==
 +Release date: 2011-08-24\\
 +Minor bugfixes regarding vortex scripting\\
 +Added function to create static filters from currently show posts
 +== 1.1.1020 ==
 +Release date: 2011-07-01\\
 +Import functionality implemented. See documentation for instructions on how to make import templates.
 +== 1.1.1018 ==
 +Release date: 2011-06-23\\
 +Minor bugfix preventing & from being used in text fields
 +== 1.1.1017 ==
 +Release date: 2011-06-15\\
 +LDAP functionality for user authentication using AD implemented\\
 +ad_user field added to _users table\\
 +**Remember to upgrade database**
 +== 1.1.1016 ==
 +Release date: 2011-06-14\\
 +Reworked permission handling and selection\\
 +Minor bugfixes in relation connection from X side
 +== 1.1.1012 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-19\\
 +Bugfix regarding view editing\\
 +Status box is showing during load/save in Chrome/IE as well\\
 +Rows;cols working as expected in details view\\
 +View order working as expected\\
 +Permission for table admin to admin tables\\
 +More responsetypes for scripts added
 +== 1.1.1005 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-16\\
 +Bugfix regarding rules for TableAdmin and UserAdmin when not logged in as admin. Remember to run //php index.php upgrade//
 +== 1.1.1003 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-16\\
 +Minor bugfixes in GUI\\
 +When the user creates a new post from a relation dropdown the new post is saved even if no data is changed.
 +== 1.1.1000 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-11\\
 +Fixed bug regarding tablerecords with write access limited to own records.\\
 +Javascript optimization for better performance.
 +== 1.1.999 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-10\\
 +Bugfix regarding dropdowns not having an initial value on new records. This affected the creation of new TextFields in tables.
 +== 1.1.998 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-09\\
 +Script names are now utf8-encoded,​ so special characters like åäö is working now.\\
 +Icons can be referred to by using an URL and will be loaded as an URL.\\
 +Scripts generating PDF-files are now working again.
 +== 1.1.994 ==
 +Release date: 2011-05-04\\
 +Totally reworked GUI based on OO-javascript\\
 +Less AJAX calls means faster access with less server load\\
 +Possibility to order using related fields\\
 +Files can be attached to new posts and are uplaoded on save\\
 +Cleaner look and faster GUI\\
 +Tested in IE8, FF and Chrome\\
 +Minor bugfixes
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