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 +===== Vortex installation and initial setup =====
 +This section will deal with the installation process to get your Vortex instance up and running.
 +==== Installation ====
 +Installation of the Vortex is really simple. Just [[http://​​m=download|download]] the Vortex framework and unpack it to a directory accessible through the web server. ​
 +==== Initial setup ====
 +To start using the vortex you need to set up a DBI. The easiest way to do so is using the command line. In the directory where you installed the Vortex run:
 +<code console>
 +user@test:/​var/​www/​vortex$ php index.php
 +Usage: index.php [dbid] [username] [password] [operation] [options]
 +       ​index.php list
 +       ​index.php sendstats [customerid]
 +       ​index.php upgrade
 +       ​index.php createdbi
 +user@test:/​var/​www/​vortex$ ​
 +user@test:/​var/​www/​vortex$ php index.php createdbi
 +Syntax: php index.php createdbi id=[DBI id] name=[DBI name] path=[relative path to DBI] database=[database name] dbuser=[database user] dbpass=[database password] dbhost=[database server] [dbtype=[type of database]]
 +According to the syntax above we run:
 +<code console>
 +user@test:/​var/​www/​vortex$ php index.php createdbi id=myID name=myDBI path=../​myDBI/​ database=myDB dbuser=myDBuser dbpass=myDBpass dbhost=localhost
 +Creating directory ../myDBI
 +Creating directory ../​myDBI/​classes
 +Creating directory ../​myDBI/​config
 +Creating directory ../​myDBI/​log
 +Creating directory ../​myDBI/​script
 +Creating directory ../​myDBI/​webservices
 +Creating directory ../​myDBI/​sql
 +Generating localconfig for DBI
 +Adding DBI to main configuration
 +Make sure you have permission to create the //path// directory.
 +This will create a new DBI with id //myID//, called //myDBI//. The file structure will be created under //​../​myDBI///​ relative to the Vortex install path. The DBI will use the //myDB// database logging in using //​myDBuser//​ identified with //​myDBpass//​ to server //​localhost//​. The DBI will be added to the main configuration of the Vortex, and a standard DBI configuration will be created in //​../​myDBI/​config/​config.xml//​. ​
 +Make sure the web server service is permitted to write to the //​templates_c//​ directory in the Vortex path and to the //log// directories in both the Vortex and the DBI path.
 +Create the database and grant permissions:​
 +create database myDB;
 +grant all on myDB.* to myDBuser@localhost identified by '​myDBpass';​
 +Now you should be able to log in to the Vortex using your web browser using the //admin// account with the default password as set in config/​xml/​config.vortex.xml. Default password is //​changeMe//​.
 +To import one of the preconfigured DBI:s, follow the instructions for [[vortex::​usermanual#​Exporting DBI|DBI import]].
 +==== Upgrading ====
 +To upgrade from an older version of the Vortex do the following:
 +  * Backup all DBI:s connected to the Vortex, with database
 +  * Backup the old Vortex instance
 +  * Copy the ///​config/​xml/​config.vortex.xml//​ file to another directory
 +  * Download the newest version of the Vortex from the [[http://​​m=download|download page]]
 +  * Unpack the new Vortex version over the existing installation
 +  * Replace the new configuration file with the one you moved to another directory earlier
 +  * Run:
 +php index.php upgrade
 +This will upgrade all DBI:s to the new database structure as needed by the new Vortex version.
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