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 ==== Overview ==== ==== Overview ====
-In this section we will describe ​the system ​layout ​of the Vortex. Since Vortex instance contains two different types of installations ​this section is divided into two categories:  +A Vortex installation contains two parts; The Vortex Framework and one or multiple Vortex Database Instances. 
-  * [[#​the_vortex_framework|The Vortex ​Framework]] + 
-  * [[#​vortex_database_instance|The ​Vortex Database Instance]]+The Vortex Framework contains all the system-wide configurations and functions. This part of the Vortex ​should never be modified except ​few configuration files which will be explained later in this wiki. The location of the Vortex ​framework is the entry point for accessing the Vortex Database Instances, and so the root directory needs to be accessible through the web server. 
 +Vortex Database Instance ​(DBI) is a project that uses the Vortex Framework. Each DBI keeps its own database, integrations,​ command line scripts and so forth. Multiple DBI:s can coexist in the same Vortex Framework independantly. 
 ===== The Vortex Framework ===== ===== The Vortex Framework =====
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