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Setting up the Scanner for Track and Trace 2.0

This chapter will describe, in detail, how to set up the Symbol Zebra TC70 scanner for use with the Track and Trace 2.0 system.

DataWedge setup

Step 1

From the main screen, start the DataWedge app.

Step 2

Choose the default profile.

Step 3

Make sure the profile is enabled.

Step 4

Make sure that KEYSTROKE OUTPUT is enabled.

Step 5

Open Basic data formatting under KEYSTROKE OUTPUT settings, make sure that Send ENTER key is enabled (the tickbox is ticked). Send data and Enable should also be ticked.

Step 6

Open the Advanced data formatting under KEYSTROKE OUTPUT settings, Make sure the enable tickbox is ticked. Click on the Rule0 rule.

Step 7

From the menu, create a new action and choose Replace string as the action type.

Step 8

Move the Replace string action to the top of the list by dragging the three bars on the right side of the action upwards. Leave the Send remaining action as it is. Click on the Replace string action to edit it.

Step 9

Click on the Find string field, and enter the value \x1D and click OK.

Step 10

In the same way, enter the value . in the Replace string box. (A period sign)

Step 11

Use the back key on the scanner to get back to the list of profiles. Now repeat the process for all the profiles used by the scanner apps, usually the Default profile and the ExplosiveScanner profile.

Step 12

The DataWedge configuration is now finished.

Install the Track and Trace 2.0 Scanner app

Download the correct .APK file from the Wiki or from another source. Make sure the app is configured for the site you are about to install the scanner for. Install the app on the scanner using the file manager or similar tool. Let the scanner synchronize the database, and the app is installed and ready to go!

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