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Known bugs

Bug #SiteReportedStatusIssueProposed solutionFix Version
No bugs reported at the moment

Accepted improvement propositions

I #ReportedStatusImprovementCommentFix version
I12018-03PlannedHandling of none explosives in the scannerFunction to let users scan non explosive items from the stores in the same way as explosives
I22018-03PlannedAfter inventory a report is to be sent to the user
@#AAFFAA:I32018-03PlannedImplement batchjob to run every night and remove empty containers from the storerooms1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I72018-03PlannedReport per store on the current inventory stock status1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I82018-03PlannedPossibility to count the number of boxes visible in the store1.2.0
I92018-03PlannedAdd function to complement inventoryAdds counted to inventory without setting missing
I102018-03ProposedSend mail to maximo responsible after inventory is complete
@#AAFFAA:I112018-03ImplementedShow maximos article number for summary in store overview1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I122018-03ImplementedMake the tabs in the store overview clickable showing only one a time1.1.5
I152018-03PlannedFunction in client to complement inventory with unscannable serials
@#AAFFAA:I1920180522RequestedChange “Store move” to “Store transfer”1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I2020180522RequestedInventory type says “Explosive” where it should say “Article”1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I2120180522RequestedMake a report showing how long items are in a warehouseTo check for example that nothing is in a store for more than 72hrs1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I2220180522ImplementedPossibility to create an XML manifest from a packTo be able to return to sender1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I2320180522ImplementedChange “type” to “Itemnum” for item/pack in client1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I2420180522ImplementedChanging store and language in the scanner is to be a configurable permissionConfigure in the tntconfig.js file1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I2520180522ImplementedAdd a scanner ID for every scannerThis ID is to be prefixed on the packages created1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I2620180522ImplementedHide ISSUE for Tara1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I2720180522RequestedAdd description for ITEMNUM in the transaction log1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I2820180522RequestedStock check functionDescription1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I2920180522RequestedGL Account per issueDescription1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I3020180522RequestedAdd a description to the store names in the store overview1.1.5
@#AAFFAA:I3120180531ImplementedReport for manifest summaryTo be able to verify the shipment documents1.2.0
@#AAFFAA:I3320180901ImplementedPossibility to export items to another site1.1.5

Historical bugs and improvements

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