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Deployment roadmap

The following document is an example of the deployment process and the requirements for each step.


1. Demonstration and workshop

The team behind the TnT2 system implementation is on site making a presentation of the system for interested parties. The presentation is followed by an initial workshop where questions regarding site specific requirements are discussed and a list of must-have improvements is compiled.

In this meeting and workshop users from all aspects of the TnT system should be present:

  • System owners
  • External systems responsibles
  • People making shipment receipts
  • Storeroom managers
  • Explosives users

2. Implementation decision

In the initial workshop a decision is taken whether to implement the TnT2 system on site or not. if the decision is made to implement TnT2 a timeplan is made given the must-have improvement list compiled.

3. System deployment

This part is handled by the TnT2 implementation team and will occur as follows:

3.1 Change implementation

Depending on the must-have improvement list the time required for this step might vary. The crucial improvements that must be implemented before deployment are developed and tested.

3.2 Server installation

A server is preferrably supplied by the Local IT on site, specifications are provided by the TnT2 implementation team. The base configuration is an Ubuntu Linux LTE Server with no desktop environment. The necessary software and updates are installed by the TnT2 development team and the TnT2 system is installed on the server.

3.3 Data migration

All the historical XML manifests are imported into the TnT2 system and a migration script is run to migrate all history- and status information from other systems.

3.4 Scanner deploy

The explosives scanners on site are updated with the new scanner app as instructed in the Scanner installation section of this wiki.

4. Process change management

This part is performed on site by the involved staff and responsible roles.

4.1 Role assignment

The following roles are recommended to staff:

  • System owner
  • Site superuser
    • Last line support on site for TnT2 issues
    • On site filter for improvement suggestions
  • Explosives responsible
    • Responsible for importing manifests that arrives
    • Responsible for shipment receipt on time
    • Responsible for checking error messages and investigating issues
  • Storeroom responsible
    • Responsible for performing stock inventory

The same person or persons can share roles but all of these roles should be staffed.

4.2 User introduction

A short introduction/education for the end-users who use the explosives scanner and the staff that will use the TnT2 client is held.

5. Deployment to production

The system is deployed. The first action in the TnT2 system should be a system wide stock inventory on all store rooms to get all the status information up to date.

5.1 Project followup

The TnT2 team will be on site for a day doing a deployment followup, making sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Any issues will be solved or planned for solving
  • End-user improvement suggestions will be added to the improvement suggestion list for consideration
5.2 Full system handover

Site takes control of the maintenance and support organization for the TnT2 system in accordance to the system roles assigned.

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