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Manifest Importer Service - FileReader

The FileReader reads a file from a configured file area.


        "type" : "file",
        "description" : "File importer service",
        "sendercode" : "SourceCode",
        "path" : "/opt/node/manifestImport",
        "localarchiveto" : "/opt/node/manifestArchive",
        "active" : true,
        "filter" : [


  • type: “file” - specifies the type of configuration, this configuration is for the FileReader
  • description: Plaintext description of this configuration
  • sendercode: A code to set in the imported manifest data to identify the source of the manifest
  • path: The file path where to look for manifest files
  • localarchiveto: A file path where to move the imported manifest files to for archiving purpouses
  • active: boolean, whether to use this configuration or not
  • filter: A set of REGEX rules to match, if the read XML file doesn't match all the set rules it is ignored and will probably be picked up by some other manifest importer service
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