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Added in version 1.2.1242

The Optimizer collects statistical information about the internal class and method usage in a database table. To let us optimize the Vortex engine for future performance upgrades there is also a method to post the statistical information periodically to our servers.

To use this class the optimize flag must be changed to true in the /Vortex/ class in /vortex.php/

  public static $optimize = true;    // If the optmizer is active or not

When this is done all Vortex-internal methods are logged. To add logging to your own code, add this method call to the top of the methods you want to monitor:

  Optimizer::o( __CLASS__, __FUNCTION__ );

This will add statistical information about your methods to the _optimizer table in the database. Currently no plans exist to add a GUI functionallity for reviewing this information.

Periodically sending statistical information to our servers

In order to send statistical data to our servers a customer ID is needed. This will be supplied togeather with information regarding setup without charge if you contact us at info[at]

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