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Entering data into the Vortex tables

Entering data into the tables in the Vortex is simple and straightforward. Creating new records is as easy as entering information on a new green row in the record list if you are permitted to do that and clicking the Save icon:

To change the information on an existing record simply change the information on the row in the record list, or enter the details view for the record and change the information there. Entering the details view is done by left-clicking on the i symbol to the far left on the record row.

Entering data in the details view is just as simple, just change the information in the fields and click the Save icon, or use the Reload icon to restore the information from the database.

Relation fields

The only special case regarding entering information is entering information into relation fields and connecting x-sides of relations.

Entering data into relation fields can be done by entering text in the field, which initiates a search on the underlying tables and will show a list of found records matching the search. Choosing one of the records from this table will connect that record to the field. Tabbing out of the field will choose the first record in the list. If the relation field is connected to multiple tables a search over all connected tables will be performed.

The relation field can also be connected by right-clicking the i-symbol to the right of the field and choosing the table from which to connect a record. A list of records will be shown and clicking on one will connect that record. Searching and filtering will work as normal.

When right-clicking the i-symbol the choise of Disconnect and New post also appear. Disconnect disconnects the record from the relation field, which can also be done by erasing all text from the field. New post opens the Detail view for a new post to be created. When saving this new post it will be connected to the relation field.

Connecting X-sides of relations

To connect the X-side of a relation to an existing record in the related table, right-click the i-symbol on the green empty line at the bottom of the record list, and choose Search. A record list showing the related table will be shown, and records are connected by clicking on them in the popup record list.

New records can be created by entering information on the empty green row in the record list, in the exact same way as creating new records in any table in the Vortex. The new records are automatically connected to this relation.

Disconnecting records is done by right-clicking the i-symbol on the far left of the row of the record to be disconnected, and choosing Disconnect in the popup menu.

The record can be deleted from the database by right-clicking the i-symbol on the far left of the row of the record to be deleted and choosing Delete in the popup menu. The record is deleted after answering the confirmation and saving the record.

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