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Vortex installation and initial setup

This section will deal with the installation process to get your Vortex instance up and running.


Installation of the Vortex is really simple. Just download the Vortex framework and unpack it to a directory accessible through the web server.

Initial setup

To start using the vortex you need to set up a DBI. The easiest way to do so is using the command line. In the directory where you installed the Vortex run:

user@test:/var/www/vortex$ php index.php
Usage: index.php [dbid] [username] [password] [operation] [options]
       index.php list
       index.php sendstats [customerid]
       index.php upgrade
       index.php createdbi
user@test:/var/www/vortex$ php index.php createdbi
Syntax: php index.php createdbi id=[DBI id] name=[DBI name] path=[relative path to DBI] database=[database name] dbuser=[database user] dbpass=[database password] dbhost=[database server] [dbtype=[type of database]]

According to the syntax above we run:

user@test:/var/www/vortex$ php index.php createdbi id=myID name=myDBI path=../myDBI/ database=myDB dbuser=myDBuser dbpass=myDBpass dbhost=localhost
Creating directory ../myDBI
Creating directory ../myDBI/classes
Creating directory ../myDBI/config
Creating directory ../myDBI/log
Creating directory ../myDBI/script
Creating directory ../myDBI/webservices
Creating directory ../myDBI/sql
Generating localconfig for DBI
Adding DBI to main configuration

Make sure you have permission to create the path directory. This will create a new DBI with id myID, called myDBI. The file structure will be created under ../myDBI/ relative to the Vortex install path. The DBI will use the myDB database logging in using myDBuser identified with myDBpass to server localhost. The DBI will be added to the main configuration of the Vortex, and a standard DBI configuration will be created in ../myDBI/config/config.xml.

Make sure the web server service is permitted to write to the templates_c directory in the Vortex path and to the log directories in both the Vortex and the DBI path.

Create the database and grant permissions:

create database myDB;
grant all on myDB.* to myDBuser@localhost identified by 'myDBpass';

Now you should be able to log in to the Vortex using your web browser using the admin account with the default password as set in config/xml/config.vortex.xml. Default password is changeMe. To import one of the preconfigured DBI:s, follow the instructions for DBI import.


To upgrade from an older version of the Vortex do the following:

  • Backup all DBI:s connected to the Vortex, with database
  • Backup the old Vortex instance
  • Copy the /config/xml/config.vortex.xml file to another directory
  • Download the newest version of the Vortex from the download page
  • Unpack the new Vortex version over the existing installation
  • Replace the new configuration file with the one you moved to another directory earlier
  • Run:
php index.php upgrade

This will upgrade all DBI:s to the new database structure as needed by the new Vortex version.

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